Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just because

well, not just because. my sister came to visit (both of my sisters, actually) a couple of weeks ago. they were joined by a large part of my family. a mini-reunion, if you will. they were all in town to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and a local once-per-year festival.

is your family like mine? the most valuable thing to us is our time. sooo, we grouped my mothers 60th, my sisters 33rd, my other sisters 30th, my brothers 28th, and my parents 20th anniversary all into one afternoon. it was the same weekend as "cheese days" (friday-sunday annual gathering of locals in our small town celebrating our towns heritage involving manufacturing of cheese. describing the joy of cheese days would take far too long. maybe another time...).
anyways, this card was done for my sisters 30th birthday. i hope she loved it and had a fantastic birthday. love you sis!

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