Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Birthday calendar

Because my husbands family is HUGE and I can't keep anything straight. Every time I turn around, I've missed a birthday. The solution? This bad boy! Once again, I got this off pinterest. Took a left-over cedar plank from one of hubbies jobs and spray painted it. Decorated it with cut out paper, flowers, and stickers. I hot glued ribbon to the back of it (12 strands equally spaced) and used my SU punch to cut out lots and lots of little squares. I did blue & green for the boys, and pink, orange, red for the girls, just so I could see at a glance the gender of the birthday person (there's so many kids, it helps just to glance at it a month early and know that I need 4 boy gifts and 2 girl gifts for the next month). I used first names and the date of birth per square then attached them to the ribbon in order of date. Since completing this, I have had several family members let me know that what they want for their next birthday is one of these. Guess I better get busy, I have SEVERAL to make!

Stache Bash (mustache party)

Photo booth! My daughter (on the left) and her bestie
My sad, sad attempt at chocolate mustaches without using a mold. Yes, I tried to freehand some mustaches onto parchment paper using a piping bag and melted chocolate. I then went out and bought a mold. Next time, I'll be ready! (quoting "Home Alone" in case you missed that)
Super cute cupcakes, even if they did mess up (again) on them. Supposed to say, "Stache Bash". Oh well.
Made these invitations for my youngest daughters birthday party. She gets her love of mustaches from her aunt ;)

Dinner menu board

Jennifer Teitzel

Got this idea off of pinterest for our mommy group (MOPS) at church. We started with a foam board and cut it to the size we wanted. -Used mod podge to cover it with scrapbook paper. -Hot glued clothes pins (painted or covered in paper) to the side -Used my SU label punches to do the abbreviations of the days of the week onto the clothes pins -Made a little pocket out of coordinating paper to hold more paint chips (dinner cards) -Hot glued a push pin into the foam to hang a paper clip keeping index cards for shopping lists/notes -Hot glued some wide ribbon to the back to hang where-ever in the kitchen Some ladies altered this and turned it into a chore board for the kiddos or a to-do list for the hubby. I love the idea and simplicity of it. The fact that it can be made to match your kitchen? Bonus.