Tuesday, January 31, 2012

cropping with mom

this is my mom. isn't she lovely? i agree =D

we had a crop at my local michael's store, and look at all the goodies she made! i consider myself so, so, so fortunate to be able to spend time with my mother. my other siblings all live at least 8 hours away (one across the country!!) and don't get a lot of time with my parents. how blessed i am that God shook his head at me asking to move away as an adult.

my mom did a lot of techniques on these cards:

fussy cut
paper distressing
paper tearing
ink distressing
rubber stamping

she used:

and forced me to learn the cricut (boy do i feel dumb! it was simple!!)

she made a hanging piece of wall art for my grandmother (on the right) and a mini album out of paper lunch sacks (on the left).

thanks so much for crafting with me, mom! seriously, the only thing better than family is crafting with family

Monday, January 30, 2012

paper flower how-to

i will be teaching a new class at Michael's starting next month titled "flowers WOW!". these are the wonderful creations we will come up with! just because you're you, and i love you, i'm gonna share my how-to with these. super simple!!

for these flowers, i started with a 6x6 square of cardstock. i rounded the corners (doesn't have to be perfect) and then, using regular scissors, cut into paper like a circle, but creating a spiral shape, trying to leave about 2cm in between cuts. when you get to the center of the paper, leave about the size of a nickel un-cut. starting with the outside, roll the paper around a pencil until you get to the "nickel" piece. here you can keep the flower tight or let it loose if you'd like, i let mine go just a bit.
i used hot glue gun on the "nickel" piece and pressed my flower into in lightly.

here's where the variations come in. you can use decorative scissors to cut the spiral, changing the look of your "petals"; ink &/or stamp the paper before you roll it. you can also spray glitter or shimmer mist onto finished flower, or mist lightly with water and smash with your palm. lots of cool things to do with these!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

birthday card

i used a piece of brown paper bag on this, wanna play "i spy"?

this turned out super cute, it's definatly on my "like" list. honestly, it's amazing how many projects i finish and end up not liking the results. this here, not one of 'em! lots going on, but there's no such this as too much.

baby & i have both been sick for the last couple of days, it was nice to get my fingers dirty. i love how i can jump into my hobby whenever i want. having a craft area in the house is so convenient. i'm so fortunate to be able to have a hobby. before i came across paper crafting, i was the person my family had wrapping all the gifts at Christmastime. that was pretty much the extent of my craftiness. i love it when God makes me blossom!

card is 5x5

i stamped a flourish then went over it in a glitter pen.

girl is heat embossed in a clear gloss.

i inked the lace before bunching it up behind the patterned paper.

to cut the scallops, i took the guide off my slit punch and made it into a border punch.

dimesionals, layers, and inky edges, OH MY!!

new inspiration

talk about a TON of pretty in one spot! i was on split coast stampers just looking around and came across a company i hadn't heard of before.
whiff of joy

it's vintage, inky, shabby, cute, and some extreme texture! LOVE it!!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

tiny dancer

so my little girl is no longer tiny, but she will always be my tiny dancer.

it's odd the way things work out. my oldest daughter is a mini-me, in almost every way. it's seriously so obnoxious! i feel so sorry for what i put my mother through... i'm mostly kidding here. it can be horrible, but i am reaping what i have sowed and God has an amazing plan for my little leader. i got off topic. what i meant to tell you about was her dancing. this girl has some serious moves! ever since she could walk, she could keep a beat. she loves to sing, anything drama related, and when there's music, she can't sit still!

my other daughter is a diffrent story. first off, she's the spitting image of MY little sister. kinda freaky, in fact, maybe i'll post pictures of them at some point just so i can become the told-you-so fairy. well she (like my sister) has no rythem. she tries, oh how she tries, alas the girl can't even clap to a song in time. but more than anything, she is a princess and has always said she wants to be a dancer. we got her into dance classes, she had a blast.... for the first couple of months. she hated it and came to despise going on a weekly basis. needless to say it didn't work out.

no matter the outcome, my little girl will always be my tiny dancer.

this card turned out beautiful, totally more my style. INKY!! i got a new cartridge for my slice and was just dying to try it out, this is the outcome. comment me if you have questions, enjoy your week!

just in case she happens to pop in and read this, my sister needs to know that i'm not in any way trying to offend, i love her so very much. God knew exactly what i would need in a friend when he decided to one-up it and give me you as a sister. love you!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

shabby valentine

the valentine card i made last was cute, but so clean!! i just couldn't deal with it, so i had to make a shabby one! it's just not "jenn" if it's not ink distressed :)

many layers to this card, most of which i used tim holtz walnut stain on. the patterned bird and heart are from a SU (stampin' up!) set, so is the script that is stamped onto the patterened paper. the ticket stamp is a new one. well, not new, i've had it for about a year and half and never taken it out of it's package. it's from invoke arts and they have some great stuff! check them out here.

clean & simple

it's about that time of year again to think of love. when i think of lovey cards, i always go back to black, white & red. i just adore that color combination, so classy!

i made this for a Valentines party invitation for Sharon Care Center. and this has to be one of the most simple cards, only 2 pieces of paper, 2 stamps, 2 ribbons (well, one lace, one ribbon) and some stickles. clean & simple! ---which it usually not my style at all, so i'm amazed that it turned out cute AND i actually like it!!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

my God, is an awesome God!!

this was the view i got the privelage of waking up to this morning. it's gorgeous! just simply breath-taking. i am in total awe of God's workmanship, he is seriously AMAZING!

i have been doing a study on the book of James and am swimming in 1:5&6. "..you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you. but when you ask, you must believe and not doubt..." after looking outside, how can anyone doubt? my God, is an awesome God!

well, the power is back on so i'm gonna head to the craft room to bust out some valentines cards! enjoy your january!

Christmas wreathes

i made two wreathes this year. the red & white one was made for my mother in law. the blue and silver one was for us (hubby loves the look of those two colors at Christmas time!)

i got all supplies from the $ store and michaels AFTER Christmas last year when every holiday item was up to 80% off. i went back a couple of weeks ago to stock up on holiday items for next Christmas. can't beat clearance!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

cupcake for a teenager

my baby turns 13 tomorrow!

when she returns from winter camp, there's a family potluck at church. instead of bringing a dish to share, i'm taking almost 100 cupcakes!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

altered journal

my daughter is turning 13 this weekend. 13!!
thirteen. *sigh*
i will be the mother of a teenager and a 7 month old, all at the same time. talk about mid-life crisis!

i made this altered journal for her to take with her to winter camp. the good kid she is *cough* (this time, for now, but no really, she's a good kid, sometimes), all she wanted for her birthday was to go to winter camp with our church youth group. i am seriously so proud of that decision! i don't even think there's a boy involved (other than Jesus, of course)!

took apart a spiral bound notebook and covered the front and back with scrapbook paper using mod podge and hot glue. used my crop-o-dile on the edges before putting it back together. if this were for me, it would have beed completely distressed, however, that's just not her. so she picked out her ribbons and flowers and away we went!

prayers for her to not only have an absolute blast, but return home with the beginning of an itimate relationship with her heavely father.