Monday, December 26, 2011

homemade coasters

i tried my hand at homemade coasters this holiday season as a gift to my sisters. i started with a chipboard base and covered it with paper (scrapbook paper and sheet music) using mod podge. i then stamped sayings on 4 of them and stenciled a mustache on the other 4. i covered them again, in mod podge. i actuallt tried using a glossy spray finish, but didn't like the look so did it again in the podge.

i am the luckiest girl in the world to have such amazing sisters. i love you ladies!!

secret books

this year was a "homemade" Christmas. i had a secret book as a child, and remember fondly stuffing my treasures into the hollow space, and hiding it on a shelf to trick my sister who would, without a doupt scour my room in search of them.

i found some older hardback readers digests at a local thrift store. after covering the outside of the pages with mod podge and letting it dry, i used a craft knife to hollow it out. once hollow, i covered the inside with mod podge also.

hope the boys in the family enjoy keeping their treasures hidden from their younger siblings!

handmade childs quilt

this picture just does not do it justice!

i was working on this while the girls were in school (it was for my daughter) but didn't get it finished by the time winter vacation started, so i just kept working on it. my daughter came up to me and asked who it was for. after telling her that it was for her cousin, she begged me to make her one just like it. she said she had to have it! so i got it all finished and wrapped, under the tree (with an incorrect name on it) it went.

Christmas morning arrived and she went straight for the quilt, still wrapped and under the tree, tagged incorrectly. she picks it up and looks at me, "mommy, i know this isn't for cousin because we already gave her gifts to her. i was hoping it was for me. thanks mom, i love it!" and proceeded to tear into it.

at least i know my hard work was appreciated and she did in fact like her gift.

handmade quilt

over 10 yards of fabric in this queen sized "WSU" quilt that i made for my brother-in-law. boy did this thing give me some trouble!! it was all worth it though, hope you enjoy it scott!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

my new website

it is still a work in progress, but since i have it listed in the side bar, i should probably share it with you :)
i now have a website to share my ideas on inexpensive home decor items, cheap meal ideas for your family, couponing tips, and of course, a place to sell my handmade goodies. please visit intricate simplicities.
keep in mind, i'm working on it a little bit every day, and with all the Christmas projects i'm working on, i'm not expecting the site to be fully up until after the holidays.
i will continue to post my craftiness here, and most of it can be purchased on the site.

merry Christmas! remember the true reason for the season!!