Monday, December 26, 2011

handmade childs quilt

this picture just does not do it justice!

i was working on this while the girls were in school (it was for my daughter) but didn't get it finished by the time winter vacation started, so i just kept working on it. my daughter came up to me and asked who it was for. after telling her that it was for her cousin, she begged me to make her one just like it. she said she had to have it! so i got it all finished and wrapped, under the tree (with an incorrect name on it) it went.

Christmas morning arrived and she went straight for the quilt, still wrapped and under the tree, tagged incorrectly. she picks it up and looks at me, "mommy, i know this isn't for cousin because we already gave her gifts to her. i was hoping it was for me. thanks mom, i love it!" and proceeded to tear into it.

at least i know my hard work was appreciated and she did in fact like her gift.

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