Saturday, March 10, 2012

altered canvas

This is a new class that I am offering at my local Michael's store. The student can start with any size or style of canvas that they would like, i used 8x8 plain white, with a bit fatter of side pieces.

These are two of my finished canvases (Is that a word? Is it spelled correctly? Is the plural of "canvas" like the plural of octopus? Is it canvi?) alongside what I started with.

I'm not really a pinky kinda girl, but I think I actually like the pinky one the best.

This one has great colors, love the vintage look that it's got going on.

Almost all of this is just patterned paper that I fussy cut a design out of.

I also used lots of diffrent punches, and of course, ink distressed EVERYTHING!! It seriously felt so good to walk away from a project with my hands just filthy. LOVE it!!

This is my new friend, Cheryl. Come to find out, after spending all afternoon together in this class, she knows my father from about 15 years ago! Such a small world!

Cheryl is new to the world of paper crafting, and you wouldn't be able to tell it from her finished products.

She brought the neatest things to incorporate into her projects. Seed packets, an old flower guide, and vintage sheet music. If you ask me, she's on her way!

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