Friday, May 4, 2012

All you need is paper...

And a stamp :) Super simple card using patterned paper and a little bit of left-over ribbon from another project. This is the style that anyone can do and are also the easiest to mass produce. I usually don't share person info here, however I recently had a self-realization that I am not proud of. I have always thought of myself as extemely compassionate. Like EXTREME! I cry when others are in pain (physical or emotional), I just can't take people or animals getting hurt. My realization is that I am N O T compassionate, but -Sensitive-. These two words are closely related in their meaning, however, sensitivity is also related to selfishness, and compassion is not. Wow. That's hard to swallow. It's also wierd that after 30-some-odd years (hush up!) I am finally figuring myself out and being honest about the findings. Now, what to do with the knowledge... God has a plan for me. He has made me who I am and equipped me for a purpose. My job is to be the best me that I can be, all the while giving glory to Him.

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