Thursday, January 3, 2013

Shower curtain & pie

Isn't this just the most perfect looking apple pie? I think so too :) I just LOVE pinterest for just about everything! I found this recipe and altered it a bit (a tsp of lemon juice instead of a whole lemon, and cut out a couple of apples <---sure glad I did, I still had way too many!) You can find the recipe for both the pie and the crust by clicking HERE
Our Christmas this year was a homemade one. On our road trip, our girls were talking about how much they'd like to share the room upstairs and turn the loft into their "play" area, so we surprised them by making it happen while they were at grandmas for the weekend! I started by making a shower curtain for their bathroom. We decided on black and white with them each having their own accent colors. My oldest loves purple while my youngest is a pink kind of gal (in fact, she just got out of the shower and is walking around in pink socks, pink shorts, pink t-shirt, with a pink towel on her head). So their bathroom is zebra with purple and pink. For my first shower curtain, I'm pretty proud of it! I actually wasn't sure if I'd have enough fabric so I had to get creative with it, that's where the ruffles came in. And guess what?! I think the end result looks planned!

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