Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Birthday calendar

Because my husbands family is HUGE and I can't keep anything straight. Every time I turn around, I've missed a birthday. The solution? This bad boy! Once again, I got this off pinterest. Took a left-over cedar plank from one of hubbies jobs and spray painted it. Decorated it with cut out paper, flowers, and stickers. I hot glued ribbon to the back of it (12 strands equally spaced) and used my SU punch to cut out lots and lots of little squares. I did blue & green for the boys, and pink, orange, red for the girls, just so I could see at a glance the gender of the birthday person (there's so many kids, it helps just to glance at it a month early and know that I need 4 boy gifts and 2 girl gifts for the next month). I used first names and the date of birth per square then attached them to the ribbon in order of date. Since completing this, I have had several family members let me know that what they want for their next birthday is one of these. Guess I better get busy, I have SEVERAL to make!

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