Monday, August 6, 2012

Hubby is talented, too

This is how it all began:
planter boxes and fence panels. He makes all shapes & sizes, these are the most popular.

He's actually CRAZY talented! Since he was laid off in April, he hasn't had full-time employment. We've actually been "behind" since December 26, 2010 when he got laid off from his good job. Yes, he got laid off the day after Christmas. We had no idea, it was a total shock. And it sucked.
We had to have work as I was 4 months pregnant at the time with our 3rd child, so he took what he could at a $20k/year paycut. Even though he hated that job, it was a job with steady paychecks to support ourselves.
We sold a car, we moved into a cheaper place, I got crazy into coupons, we did everything we could to help make ends meet.
Long (depressing) story short, here we are without a real "Job" and still have a roof over our heads and food in our bellies. PRAISE JESUS!!
Hubby had a hobby of wood-working, so he decided to get into it and treat it like a full-time job, with me as his manager, YES!! :)
We have business cards, a Face Book fan page, flyers out, and have had success with our goal of keeping our family fed.
His work is AMAZING and I want to share it with you.
This is a modern style fence that the customer had thought of and Michael (my handsome husband) helped design.

He makes fence panels and also installs them making full fences. I love this style of short fence, it has a custom design on the top of it that I think is gorgeous!

Bunk Beds! These come apart to become two twin sized beds when you're ready to separate the kiddos. The ladder detaches and can go on either side of the bed so you are limitless on moving it around the room.

A sand box that you can sit in without getting sandy! The top opens up to become bench seating on both sides. I want one of these :)

Our motto is: "you think it, We build it" because we started out not knowing what to build but needing money, so when someone said they wanted something we said, "YOU GOT IT!". A motto was born... :)
I would absolutely LOVE the support if you could visit our Face Book page, take a look at his stuff, and maybe share it. We are still trying to stay afloat and any/all help would be appreciated. Thanks my scrappy friends!!
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