Thursday, August 2, 2012

Old Door Headboard

So this is how my room looks now with the latest addition of the old headboard from an old door. I absolutely LOVE the outcome!
My handsome little booger is the main attraction in this! He kept trying to get in the action of picture taking so I decided to just take his picture :)
You can't see them, but the door actually sits on legs that I stapled to the back of the door. I didn't want to hang such a heavy door on the wall. I took two 1"x4" cedar planks per side(excess from our business, see our business FaceBook page HERE), spray painted them white, then measured for height and width before stapling to back of door.
ACTUALLY- I only had one leg per side at first. Got the door inside (by myself, had to show hubby that I didn't need his help), got it positioned behind the bed, and CRAAAAACK the door fell forward towards the bed, splinters shattering everywhere. Rockashawna to me. Since my room was already covered in splinters and wood pieces, and the door was laying on my bed, I decided to finish up the project in my room. Went out and spray painted new legs (two per side this time), brought them to the sliding glass door on the patio outside my bedroom (thank GOODNESS for a sliding glass door in my room! Especially one that is only feet from the back garage door!) along with all the tools I'd need, and with a confused baby watching and wanting so bad to use the staple gun, I finished my project ON my bed.
After cleaning the door, I spray painted the interior of the rectangle a chocolate brown. It's a really rough paint job as my 13 year old was "helping" me.
I took a lace tablecloth and laid it over the door centering the design that I wanted to highlight and used unwanted planks to go around the edges of where I didn't want paint to go. After I had the edges blocked off, I spray painted the lace onto the door with a pale yellow. I peeled off the lace after about a minute (didn't want it to dry in place) and set aside (it'll be a great table cloth for our picnic table. Crusty from the paint so it won't fly away, the edges are still lacey for that delicate look).
A close-up of the design

I took pictures step by step to post, then my phone broke. I lost over 1,400 pictures. Talk about heartbreak.

We have 2 other doors that we are working on, one for each of our girls. Will post pics when they are completed.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hey that’s trendy! At first glance, I thought it was a flat screen TV. :D It can also pass as a giant tablet computer. No kidding! Nice job! It sounds a little laborious, but you did it well. What kind of door was that before the metamorphosis? And you purposefully didn’t take off the knob, huh. It’s a nice touch as a décor. ;)

    Nancy Ferdinand

  2. Thanks! I like it :)
    Totally not laborous. Laid the door outside, painted the inside panel brown. Laid a lace tablecloth over it and spray painted yellow. Pulled off the lace and DONE!
    I left the knob on there so I can randomly leave hubby notes hanging off of it :)
    I'm horrible with the 'before' pics, it was just an old door, the painted part was white just like the outer edges of it.
    Thanks again! :D

  3. At first glance, I didn’t recognize that it was a door. Maybe its because I never thought that a door can be hung on the wall. Anyway, I love the idea!

    -Leah Clay