Friday, December 26, 2014

Quiet book

So we had a funeral to go to last summer and it was AWFUL! Not because of the normal reasons that funerals are so hard, but because my three year old is CRAZY and doesn't sit still for nothin! Since that horrible, no good day, I decided to make a quiet book for him. Then I put it off because I have other children and a sick husband and duties and such, so it became a Christmas gift (that I finished on Christmas Eve. Yup. Burnt the midnight oil on that one!)

So this is the front of it. Someday, I'll decorate the front to make it pretty. For now, I was just glad that he could open it mere hours after it was finished and wrapped! I got tips and tricks on quiet book covers from First time mom... and losing it
This page was so tedious! I cut out the templates onto paper, then pinned to my felt, then cut out. And guess what?! The kids have been using my good scissors on who knows what- paper, orange peels, wire... my scissors now suck and it was very difficult to cut out all these super cute little pieces. I found the idea and the template for this page HERE
And the make-a-monster page. Don't think my spacing turned out how I wanted it, not sure my three year old will notice though ;)
Got the idea and info for the page at little miss stitchers
The barn page is my favorite, got the idea from A Quiet Book Blog, which is just a wealth of ideas, tips, and tricks! I got my templates from another site though, keep looking!
I am passing you the template that I used for my animals, I got it from Sunshine, Lollopops, and Rainbows. Her template for the barn is also there :)
A couple of learning pages, one on counting and the other on number recognition, practicing using the phone (NO, that is not a real number!! But in his book, they are real so he can learn grandmas, grandpas, and our home info). I got the idea and template for the phone page from Thread Riding Hood. As you can see, I did mine a bit different, mainly due to only being able to use what supplies I had on hand. Not too shabby for making due with what I had, though :)
I got the idea for the beaded counting page from Sugar Bee Crafts
So that's my sons quiet book. And next to a new little bike, it didn't stand a chance. Oh well. I have several other pages that I'd like to still make and add. Maybe I'll update this post if/when I complete them.
I have lots of great ideas on my "quiet book" pinterest page, feel free to take a peek and pin away!
Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!

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