Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ugly sweater time!

It's that time of year again... time to go in public in the most hideous, gaudy, most disgustingly ugly sweater that you can possibly buy (or in this case, make). Ahhh, Christmas. With it's many perks, lovelies, decor, and traditions. We made ugly sweaters a few years ago, however due to mold issues in our home (gotta love the Pacific Northwest!!) they were burnt earlier this year. Once the invitation arrived for our church's ugly sweater contest/Christmas party, I made a trip to the thrift store! Now I prefer the hole-in-the-wall shops over the Goodwill. Most of them have lower prices and support a local cause. Sometimes you can even barter with them! Since I consider myself the queen of frugality, cheaper is better! Step 1- Purchase sweater. I opted for a cardigan style, just a plain green thing. Step 2- Gather your decorations. I bought two bags of misc. Christmas stuff at the thrift store. My bags had everything from tinsel to stockings, stockings to candle holders, bows to bulbs. A "plethora" of decorations, if you will (wanna play name that movie? "If you do not know what a plethora means, then why do you say I have a plethora of gifts?") Step 3- Start hot glueing anything (and everything) on. Last time we decorated sweaters, I sewed most of it on. I busted both sweaters out in two evenings. Love the convenience of a glue gun! Note: With using hot glue on a sweater, might want to place something in between the layers of material (I used a cut up cereal box) to prevent glueing the front to the back
Step 4- Glue more on. There's always room for more.
Step 5- Add more decorations. Elbow pads, shoulder pads, trim, collar.... what else could we add?
The finished product, front ^ and back v.
The start of hubby's sweater (just the sweater is seriously so ugly. It reminds me of Fozzy bear)
Made a tree out of the leaves from the poinsettias on my sweater. Wreath on one shoulder, dove on the other. Hubby needs a birdy on his shoulder, like a Christmas pirate!
Decorate the tree!
Hubby's finished sweater from the back
Hubby's finished sweater from the front. Yes, that's tinsel chest and armpit hair. I know. Super gross (but totally hilarious!!)
Our finished products. Yes, I'm wearing a tree skirt. It seemed fitting. Yes,we won the ugly sweater contest. Yes, one of my daughters also made one. Yes, my little boys are both in Christmas sweaters (not quite ugly though), and one of them has a thing for Power Rangers currently). And yes, my oldest daughter is too cool to play along.
Thanks for visiting! If you make ugly Christmas sweaters, I'd love for you to share them with me!

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