Monday, February 6, 2012

mini paper bag album

i will be teaching a great class at my local Michael's store later this month on paper bag albums.

these are super easy
-my kids are making one
cheap to make
-hello?! paper bags?!
-use the sticky tape OR hot glue
perfect size for scraps
-goodbye pile!

for info on these super cute paper flowers, click here.

love the distressed look on any (and every) thing.

it's almost better with the great earth tones of a good 'ol lunch sack!

worlds cheapest adhesive? dollar store glue gun, with glue sticks found at thrifts stores or the dollar store. i know not everything works with hot glue, but if it does, *cheap* *cheap*

every page is lined with scraps from my pile

all ink distressed, of course :)

you don't have to have scrap paper inside,

you can doodle, draw, or just adhere pictures

tabs are circle cut outs glued back to back around the edge of the sacks. great little page turners that can be customized!

you can also combine the paper with the doodles

here i did a two-tone page with coordinating paper

and "attatched" them with faux stitches (doodling)

you can "stitch" borders for another amazing sewn look

the word "spot" was me using the cricut to cut out the word "spotted" for another project.

here i used the negative of the word to let the bag show through

just another way to use scraps

the bookmark tag is cut out paper, placed back to back, with the ribbon adhered to the inside of them

for the back i continued with the negative use of die cut words and flowers

i love this little book. can't wait to fill all the little nooks & crannies with memories and treasures!

you can see a great tutorial here

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