Monday, January 30, 2012

paper flower how-to

i will be teaching a new class at Michael's starting next month titled "flowers WOW!". these are the wonderful creations we will come up with! just because you're you, and i love you, i'm gonna share my how-to with these. super simple!!

for these flowers, i started with a 6x6 square of cardstock. i rounded the corners (doesn't have to be perfect) and then, using regular scissors, cut into paper like a circle, but creating a spiral shape, trying to leave about 2cm in between cuts. when you get to the center of the paper, leave about the size of a nickel un-cut. starting with the outside, roll the paper around a pencil until you get to the "nickel" piece. here you can keep the flower tight or let it loose if you'd like, i let mine go just a bit.
i used hot glue gun on the "nickel" piece and pressed my flower into in lightly.

here's where the variations come in. you can use decorative scissors to cut the spiral, changing the look of your "petals"; ink &/or stamp the paper before you roll it. you can also spray glitter or shimmer mist onto finished flower, or mist lightly with water and smash with your palm. lots of cool things to do with these!!

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