Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dishcloth Apron

My biggest complaint in the kitchen is that the baby constantly takes the dish towel off the oven rack so when I'm washing my hands, there's nothing to dry them off on.

HATE it!!

So I took an old dishcloth (there was a hole in it, and the edges were worn pretty bad) and "fancied" it up.
To hide the hole, I made a pocket out of an old T-shirt sleeve. I hid the worn edges with a pretty pleated layer of lace and another old T-shirt. To make the tie around, I used the bottom seam part of the old T-shirt since it should hold up well, and let's face it. It keeps the theme.

I haven't cooked with it yet, think I made it a bit short for me, I'd like more towel. This one now belongs to my daughter, the lovely model you see (isn't she just plain GORGEOUS?!).

When I make mine, I will applique something on the pocket before I sew it to the towel. I'm really bummed I didn't think of that with this one :(

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