Sunday, July 8, 2012

A gift from a lovely

This was one of my birthday gifts this year from my youngest sister. She's so freaking talented and CRAZY creative!
I had been having a hard few months, it was so difficult getting off that pity party train! My sister flew in from San Fran to surprise me. Boy did she! Hubby helped orchestrate her home-coming and a surprise party for myself and our daughter (who's birthday is around the same time as mine), once again, they did a great job. He had about 40 people hiding in our garage when I came home from church.
I think this is such a cute idea. We sat around for hours talking about the documented memories of our childhood that filled the pages. We laughed, we cried, I felt ashamed at not helping do her hair at Homecoming, and we laughed some more. I decided that this could be a great tradition for us, plus a great way to keep track of all the crazy, funny, scary, embarrassing stuff that we lived through together.

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