Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Paper accessories

Please disregard my face-
That said, a new class being offered at Michael's is "Paper Crown" and "Paper Party". These are some of the things that are made in the two classes.
The crown is GINORMOUS. After wearing it around the store for a few hours (you should have seen the looks I got!), the ribbon had cut my ears. It's HUGE and heavy but very cool.
The name tag is super simple to make, in fact, these classes are geared towards kids! It's a folded medallion style flower, with a scallop punch in the center and a lapel pin on the back. Add some ribbon, and VIOLA!
I am thinking of doing my little princesses next birthday party with these crowns. I will cut out all the pieces first though, there's a lot of them.
You can't see them all too well, I would use different colors for the different layers next time so they pop, but these require a lot of paper, and a lot of pop up glue dots. I would also fold thick ribbon in half for the band next time so as it rests on top of my ears, I don't get cut.

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