Monday, October 13, 2014

Baby quilt (only a year late)

So I had the top of this quilt done the day before I went into labor (last Labor Day, ha ha ha), then I had a baby, life got crazy, and it sat in a drawer. FOR A YEAR!!
Grandparents took the littles for the day so i looked for a way to be productive. BAM! Quilt time :)
This little triangles were time consuming puppies, I tell ya! I really wanted them on there though, my grandma put them on mine & I remember sucking and chewing on them till I was like 10 or something. Yeah, probably younger than that, but you get the picture.
Love, love, love that fluffy backing I found for it, so cozy! My daughter felt it and reminded me that I still owe a quilt.... and she'd like the back to be just. like. that.
Guess you know what I'll be working on for Christmas, eh?
Any who, love the way this quilt top was put together. TRIANGLES! Lots of triangles put together to make a chevron pattern. Genius.

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