Monday, October 13, 2014

EO on baby with a fever

So my 13 month old must be getting another tooth (about time, he only has 6 1/2!), he started with a low fever yesterday afternoon. He quickly decided his tummy hurt, followed by diarrhea. I put peppermint oil (1 drop, mixed with coconut oil) onto his tummy. Within 10 minutes he stopped crying and acting like it hurt. No more diarrhea either!
After bath time (which includes a few drops of lavender in the water) I rubbed lavender & thieves on the bottom of his feet, then reapplied the peppermint to his tummy and rubbed down his spine.
That boy slept for  N I N E  straight hours!! And woke up with NO fever!!
I'm lovin' these oils!

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