Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Happiness 2 page layout

This is a layout I picked up at a quick quotes class last fall. They have awesome page kits, great chalk ink, and just amazing canvas sets (check out their website, I didn't know what you could do with canvas until I saw it!).

I think the best thing about these pages are the ginormous flowers. Now if you're anything like me, you've never bought these before because you're too cheap. Well, I have some money saving tips for you when it comes to flowers.

-typically, those awesome ginormous flowers are a little cheaper in white rather than in color. Buy them in white & color them yourself! Use a sponge with ink, you can make it your own perfectly matched embellishment!

-those large flowers look great cut in half, like on my page. Double your usage of them!

-if you have a cuttle bug, cricut, or slice, invest in flower dies or cartridges. Its always cheaper to make your own embellishments plus you get to pick the material they're made out of. Great way to use up scraps and match your pages/projects perfectly.

-make your own paper flowers using scallop punches or scissors

-if your mind is set on using silk flowers, there's three places I recommend you pick them up. The dollar store has bundles of flowers for, drum roll please, a dollar! michaels has the best flowers, get them on sale or make sure to use a coupon. The thrift store usually has bags of miscellaneous silk flowers for cheap, you just can't confirm what you're buying. Buying flowers on the stem is cheaper, you just have to take them apart yourself, plus they already have a hole in the middle for your brads!

Well there's my 2 cents on how to save some cents on flowers!

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