Tuesday, January 31, 2012

cropping with mom

this is my mom. isn't she lovely? i agree =D

we had a crop at my local michael's store, and look at all the goodies she made! i consider myself so, so, so fortunate to be able to spend time with my mother. my other siblings all live at least 8 hours away (one across the country!!) and don't get a lot of time with my parents. how blessed i am that God shook his head at me asking to move away as an adult.

my mom did a lot of techniques on these cards:

fussy cut
paper distressing
paper tearing
ink distressing
rubber stamping

she used:

and forced me to learn the cricut (boy do i feel dumb! it was simple!!)

she made a hanging piece of wall art for my grandmother (on the right) and a mini album out of paper lunch sacks (on the left).

thanks so much for crafting with me, mom! seriously, the only thing better than family is crafting with family

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