Sunday, January 22, 2012

tiny dancer

so my little girl is no longer tiny, but she will always be my tiny dancer.

it's odd the way things work out. my oldest daughter is a mini-me, in almost every way. it's seriously so obnoxious! i feel so sorry for what i put my mother through... i'm mostly kidding here. it can be horrible, but i am reaping what i have sowed and God has an amazing plan for my little leader. i got off topic. what i meant to tell you about was her dancing. this girl has some serious moves! ever since she could walk, she could keep a beat. she loves to sing, anything drama related, and when there's music, she can't sit still!

my other daughter is a diffrent story. first off, she's the spitting image of MY little sister. kinda freaky, in fact, maybe i'll post pictures of them at some point just so i can become the told-you-so fairy. well she (like my sister) has no rythem. she tries, oh how she tries, alas the girl can't even clap to a song in time. but more than anything, she is a princess and has always said she wants to be a dancer. we got her into dance classes, she had a blast.... for the first couple of months. she hated it and came to despise going on a weekly basis. needless to say it didn't work out.

no matter the outcome, my little girl will always be my tiny dancer.

this card turned out beautiful, totally more my style. INKY!! i got a new cartridge for my slice and was just dying to try it out, this is the outcome. comment me if you have questions, enjoy your week!

just in case she happens to pop in and read this, my sister needs to know that i'm not in any way trying to offend, i love her so very much. God knew exactly what i would need in a friend when he decided to one-up it and give me you as a sister. love you!!

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