Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Birth announcements

This black, white, & silver one was made special for the grandmother (who is the best looking granny i've EVER seen!! Seriously, she looks nothing like a grandma) who just adores bling. I'm not a blingy girl, myself, so I'm not gonna lie. Putting on those rhinestones was so hard! I wanted pearls, but that's just me. As long as she's happy with it, then all is right with the world.
Made this one for her to hand out to her friends. There is glitter ALL OVER my craft room. No joke. I used spray adhesive then dumped glitter on for the picture corners and boy is everything I was wearing sparkly! I do love the look of the feather on top of the inked doily though, so vintage and feminine.
I printed out her info and inked the edges in pink then foam mounted on the inside of the card. Stamped "made with love" in pink on the backs of all of them. I think they turned out cute and not super pink, which is what she was going for.

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