Friday, September 21, 2012

Wedding gift wall art

Made this for a friend of mine who had some young family members getting married soon. She said grey, cream, & a deep red, gave me a couple of pictures, and set me free! I chose to use some old cedar planks as the base, it has a great coloring (almost grey) to it without me having to do anything.
I think this is my favorite part of it. I found this great old handle, sanded it, and put her on there. I love wall art with 3D stuff. When they hang this in their home, the tags (made from sheet music, stamped on, spritzed with a 'starfish' glimmer mist, then hung on the handle with misc. ribbon) will freely hang/dangle. Each tag says something different so depending on the angle you look at it, you'll see something different. I stamped the swirls & birds (SU) in black and found some great old buttons for the corner. The hearts are chipboard that I covered with paper and distressed.
Dominoes and a doily... can't go wrong! Throw in another great button, some hat pins, and pearls and you've got a stylish chic corner. I stamped and heat embossed the "MR" and the "MRS" in black, and did the "&" in white.
If we weren't friends, I wouldn't admit to busting up my finger making this project. I used beer & root beer bottle caps for this. I took them outside to flatten with a hammer in the driveway. Let's just say I missed the cap once. Ouch. I did mess up on this. Twice. Let's not play "find the mistakes" though, K?! I absolutely loved how it turned out, wish they were pictures of me & hubby so I could hang it up in my home, oh well. Congrats you two!!

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