Friday, September 21, 2012

Cheapy $1 car cups turned FABULOUS

We decorated those little plastic car cups at MOPS this last week. I can't believe I've never bought one of those at the dollar store before! So many possibilities!
So this year in MOPS, anther lady & I are in charge of crafts. My friend was in charge of crafts last year and I just loved our projects! I feel like I have a huge role to fill just by following her! Luckily, there's two of us to do it ;)
I am so excited for our meeting in October. It's on "Love & Logic", a parenting style. I heard someone speak on it before and boy did my interest get peaked! Having a teenager in the house is more trying than I thought it would be. My job as a mother is to ensure that when gown up, my kids love Jesus and are respectful to others (pretty much sums it up I think). Right now, I don't know for certain if I'm winning that battle with my teen. The biggest lesson that I have learned this year is "Your response is your responsibility". That not only applies to my kids, but to the adults in the home as well. I have to trust that even though she is not acting the way I hope she will someday, she is seeing a good example in me and will keep that in her heart for later on in life.
This year has been a tough one and it doesn't seem to be letting up. Just got the news that my father in Georgia has a brain tumor. When it happens to you, it's not like how you imagine others felt when it happens to them. My mind is jell-o about it. Like mush. I've been trying to collect my thoughts about it and can't... so I craft.

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