Friday, September 21, 2012

Homemade blackberry freezer jam

I have so many berries around me it makes my mouth water. My family has been canning lately, guess I caught the bug :) I decided (after helping can pears all day) that I did NOT want to traditional can to make some kind of sweet treat with the berries we've been picking. In searching for a recipe for freezer jam, I noticed that most recipes use TONS of sugar. I knew that I needed to search for a low-sugar recipe. I found this one and that's what I used in the big jars, going to keep & use them for our family. Used a more traditional recipe for the little baby food jars (wash/sanitize them & as long as their in the freezer, they'll work!) and I'm going to give them as gifts.
I tried the jam this morning after it sat in the fridge all night. Boy oh boy was it tasty! It soaked right through my bread and I had to use a spoon instead of a knife, but MAN did I enjoy licking that spoon when I was done! As you can see, JR agrees with me. This is good stuff! :)

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