Friday, September 14, 2012

Upcycled desk

This thing is so out of style ;)
I decided that I need a little home office to help run hubbies business (check it out! Teitzel & Co.) and I'm cheap, so this old thing is what I get.
The inside of the drawers needed help too, and since I love old paper, I decided to Mod Podge old book paper inside the drawers. Might as well make it into something that I'll love to use!
I used that same paint (different color though, I used a green on the desk) by 'Zinsser' called "B-I-N" (see previous post about my entry way for more info on the paint). Do you see the difference in the top left drawer than the others? I sanded it while the paint was still tacky, the others I sanded after they had dried. I'm a bit sad. I really prefer the top left drawer to all the others. But overall, I am pleased with the outcome.
The inside of the drawers turned out great. In fact, not only do I love to open them and use them, so does the baby. Great. I'm now looking for a yard stick to stick through the handles on each side to keep him from getting in the drawers and throwing all my perfectly organized stuff EVERYWHERE. Maybe I'll even paint the yard stick to match?
The end result? My great little office space! I am pleased with the outcome and even more pleased with the time it took to complete. With this Zinsser paint, there is no need to pre-sand or prime, it does all that for you! Wal-mart does carry it, BUT so does Home Depot and they'll price match AND beat their price by 10%. Needless to say, I recommend you checking out the price at your local Wal-mart, then heading over to HD to purchase it. It is a bit more than other paints (my Wal-mart had it for $9 I think, so I paid about $8 at HD), but I didn't have to pre-sand and didn't need a primer. So worth it in my book!

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